Using codes in Outlook

On the Tag Download page you can use ‘Advanced Options‘ to add 3 Codes to your Tag (see Tag Codes for further explanation of this)


One special use of these codes that they can act as fields which then automatically capture certain information when the Tag is clicked, such as the respondent’s email address. This is most commonly used within CRM systems, but we have developed a tool which enables you to do the same thing from Outlook.

To install the Outlook tool, please follow the instructions below. However, if you are not particularly IT literate, please get an IT professional to help you with this.

If you use Outlook for your emails, the tool can be loaded into Outlook via the link below. Because Outlook is a Microsoft product, the link will only work from within the Internet Explorer of Edge browsers. If these are not your default browser (when clicking a link) you will need to open it up separately and copy and paste the link into the address bar.

Please ensure that you close Outlook when doing this, and then reopen it afterward to check that there are no problems. (It should at this point look exactly the same as you left it. If it doesn’t you will need to remove the tool using Add/Remove Programmes from within the Control Panel.)

To configure the Tag in your email signature to enable the tool to encode it for you, you will need to set up your Tag with the following codes:

  1. code1 set to {RX:TARGET}
  2. code2 set to {RX:TIMESTAMP}
  3. code3 set to {RX:SUBJECT}

If you have done this correctly, creating a new email, and hovering over the Tag before you send it should look like the image on the right.

When you send the email, the tool will search for the text strings in the curly brackets and replace them with the text strings it gathers from the ‘To’ field, the subject and the timestamp. Check this out by sending an email to yourself, and then look at the email as it comes back in to check that the codes have been changed.

If the codes are not changed when the email is sent, please check:

  1. The add-in is active – you can see this by going to File >Options > Add-ins and checking that InspirometerMeetingsToolADX is listed under the ‘Active Application Add-ins’
  2. That your emails are using HTML format – you can check this  by going to File > Options > Mail and checking that ‘Compose messages in this format’ is set to HTML