Range of Tag versions that are available

The following examples are for demonstration only. Feel free to click on them and play with them as you wish. They are all different versions of one specific Tag in a demonstration account: T007@tag-check.org.uk. Despite their differences, they all update the same record.

All of these options are available for each and every Tag in your own account through the Download Tag facility.

Standard electronic Tag (e.g. for emails and electronic documents)


Tag with encoding (e.g. for CRM feedback)


QR Tag (e.g. for printed material and physical items)


See right



Widget (e.g. for web-pages, blogs and on-line resources)


Snap Score QR Tag (e.g. as an exit poll for meetings)



‘Send a Star’ Tag (as a simple way of getting respondents started)


Hyperlinked text Tag (for social media and microblogs e.g. twitter, facebook, LinkedIn)

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