Tag Codes

You may have noticed the ‘Advanced Options’ page on Tag Download screen. What are those Codes? What can they do?

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The codes are there to retrieve extra information when somebody clicks your Tag. A standard Tag transmits certain data to your account database, including the time of the response and what the response was (which face was clicked), along with any secondary ratings or comments.

With the codes, you can capture other information from the interaction, which you then view in your account.

On the Tag Download page, under the ‘advanced options’, there are three fields to enter Codes 1, 2 and 3.

When you enter something into these fields, it appends the hyperlink that constitutes the Tag. For instance:


Now, when that Tag is clicked, the response is transmitted to our database along with the extra information in the code. That information is viewable within your account – Visit ‘Response Analysis’, and click the magnifying glass icon beside a response, to see its data.


This can be a very useful feature. Imagine that you have one Tag which you use to get feedback on all of your PDF documents. You create multiple documents and you want to be able to tell which Response originates from which document.

If you enter the title of a document in Code 1 and then copy those ‘coded’ faces hyperlinks into that document. Any responses you receive from the Tag on that document will have the document title in the Response Details!

See also: Using Codes in CRM Systems