Resources & Open Clinic

Over time, many resources have been developed to help people use Inspirometer to improve their meeting performance. However, the volume of these support documents can sometimes make it difficult to find the ones you want. For that reason, we set out below, some of those you may have missed, and provide links for you to access them.

The Public Meetings Clinic (Open Clinic)

The public pages of the meetings clinic are open to anybody with an interest in improving meetings, whether or not they have an Inspirometer account. The pages allow you to search for ideas and improvement strategies by name and by purpose. You can access the open clinic here: 
If you haven’t been to the clinic before, the item on ‘First Visit to the Clinic‘ will explain how it works.

Group Implementation Resources

While there are plenty of directly available resources to empower the self-starters in your team to forge ahead with Inspirometer and meeting improvement, your team is very likely to contain others that need a bit more explanation and guidance. To support this we have developed an implementation model, and included documents and slide-decks to help explain what is happening, and provide training where it may be needed. You can find these resources here: 

Other Resources

The following resources may prove useful to you in your work with Inspirometer (in addition to the guides, videos, clinic items and implementation resources). Clicking the hyperlinks below will either download the resource in the normal way, or open up a new page.

Bulk user upload spreadsheet This spreadsheet enables you to set up multiple users quickly. To understand how it works, go to Bulk Uploading Users
Simple tool templates for meetings These click to download simple templates will help to make your meetings more participative and effective
Advanced tool templates for meetings A ConceptBoard page which enables selection of meeting support tools – contact us for your own (editable) copy