Reactivating your Add-In

During its time as part of your Outlook, in your particular business, operating in conjunction with your particular system and security, your Inspirometer Meetings Tool Add-in may well encounter combinations of circumstances which its developers did not anticipate. Some of these situation could have an undesirable effect on the Add-in or Outlook or both. To protect you from these, the Add-in’s typical response is to go inactive. The most obvious indication that this is the case is that you no longer see the Inspirometer buttons on your Outlook toolbars.However, these circumstances are fairly rare and usually short-lived.  And it is easy to reactivate your Inspirometer Meetings Tool Add-in via the steps below.

Please read to the end, so you can help us fix this once and for all.

 In Outlook 2010 or later …  In Outlook 2007 …
Click on the ‘File’ menu, and then on ‘Options’

This will open up a new panel similar to the image below.

Clicking ‘Add-ins’ in the left hand menu (which may be toward the bottom of the list) will show you a list of current add-ins and their status within Outlook.

Click on the ‘Tools’ menu, and then on ‘Trust Center…’ (shown highlighted in the image below).

Clicking the ‘Trust Center’ his will open up a new window similar to the one shown below.

Clicking ‘Add-ins’ in the left hand menu (which may be near the top of the list) will show you a list of current add-ins and their status within Outlook

If the Inspirometer Meetings Tool is listed in either ‘Inactive Application Add-ins’ or ‘Disabled Application Add-ins’, then click the ‘Go …’ button at the bottom of the panel beside ‘Manage COM Add-ins’, and in the new panel that opens up tick the entry for ‘Inspirometer Meetings Tool’ (see below).

Then click ‘OK’ and then click ‘OK on the Trust Center window to close it.

Please note, if InspirometerMeetingsTool is not present in the list, then it is no longer installed on your computer, perhaps due to an upgrade or a machine swap, in which case you can quickly reinstall it, and it will be activated by that process. (If you have a client specific version of the add-in, please use the link you were originally given).

When you return to Outlook, you should see your Inspirometer buttons back in place.

Help us fix the issue of Inspirometer Meetings Tool Add-in occasionally going inactive:

We would value your help in identifying the factors that cause the Inspirometer Meetings Tool Add-in to deactivate, so that we can make it more robust in how it is affected by your system. Please send us the log file from your meetings tool so we can analyse what was happening at the point it went inactive by following the quick and easy steps below:

Open up File Explorer (Please note this is the folder icon you use to access your files, not to be confused with Internet Explorer)

  1. Paste the following link into your address bar:  %appdata%/Inspirometer/Inspirometer Meetings Tool   … and hit return
  2. Right click the file: InspirometerMeetings.log
  3. Click ‘Send to’
  4. Click ‘Mail recipient’.  Then send the resulting email to

Thank you for your help.