Persistent Project Walls

Unlike physical meeting rooms, virtual meeting rooms can be limitless in their dimensions and their allocation. Information can be spread over their virtual walls with no compromise to ceiling height, corners, text size. Everything can be read and written by everyone at the same time, without concern for ladders or over-crowding, and if it needs a rearrangement, huge chunks of it can be replicated and repositioned in moments.
And best of all, it can stay there indefinitely, with no need to take it all down again at the end of the day – its your room, and you can have as many of them as you want, and they can be as big as you want. People can return to the wall at any point in time to see the latest status of the project. The display is persistent – hence the name.
Many current whiteboard tools now have the functionality (and the security) to support persistent project walls. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. We use persistent project walls in ConceptBoard for a number of projects including:
The example versions above do not have the ability for you to edit them (one of the current limitations of ConceptBoard is that it is not yet possible to post a secure template from which others can copy an editable version for their own use) but if you would like to contact us we can make one available to you. Please do not be daunted by the quality of graphics used, they were created in PowerPoint and simply pasted in.
Track your progress to ensure the efficacy of this strategy.