Force-Field Analysis

The Force-Field Diagram is premised on the assumption that people and events behave (or fail to behave) as they do because of the balance of pressures and motivations upon them. The idea is that by mapping these out, we can then identify those forces which are both easiest to address, and which will have the biggest impact on the balance. The idea is originally attributed to Kurt Lewin.

For instance, if we wanted to explore people’s adoption of a particular standard in their work, we would map out the forces that encourage and support people in that standard down the left hand side, and the forces that discourage and obstruct down the right. We might then use red dots to explore those which would have the biggest impact if changed (e.g. reducing the barriers or increasing the motivators) and green to explore the ease with which we can bring these things about; and then select those which have both red and green dots.
Force-Field Diagrams are very useful ways of getting everybody engaged in thinking through issues around behaviours, or even potential issues around a preferred solution.
The iFrame template can be uploaded to a virtual meeting, or stuck on the wall in a physical meeting. It can be used as part of a plenary activity (with the facilitator capturing ideas from the group and writing them up), or as a syndicate activity (with one group looking at positive forces and another looking at negative ones), or as a distributed activity (with people typing in their own ideas to the iFrame in a virtual meeting, or adding them via post-its in a physical one).
Once the forces have been included, the group can then prioritise them on the basis of impact and ease – once again as a directly facilitated activity, or by inviting them to work individually or in small groups to allocate dots for impact and ease.
The following links provide more information on the tool

You can download a PowerPoint template of the tool below. The template can be printed off (at any size) for use in Physical meetings, or uploaded to suitable meeting or collaboration software so that it can be used in virtual or asynchronous meetings.

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