Co-Active Leadership

I am grateful to Andy Denne of Teaching Team Leadership
for the following brief introduction to Co-Active Leadership.

As we all learn to operate and be effective in an increasingly complex world – it is clear that personal development and leadership impact go hand in hand. The old adage “what got you here, wont get you there…” seems every more relevant.

In a world in which we aspire to live an impactful life, on purpose, it is incumbent upon us that we embrace our own personal journey of development with our hearts, heads and stomachs. That we give it all we’ve got.

The Co-Active Leadership model offers each of us options. How effective we are in each of the domains of leadership, how wide our range of responses – our agility if you like – is a reflection of how much personal development work we have each embraced upon – and continue to pursue. Here is a view on the model in a nutshell.

  • Everybody is a leader. Or – the “choice” of leadership is available to everyone – at any time.
  • Any business is most dynamic, most productive, most alive when there is commitment to
    leadership at every level.
  • The choice begins when you are willing to be responsible for what is happening in your life – not being a victim of circumstances.
  • Instead of leadership being defined by position or title, it is defined by choice.

The co-active model of leadership gives everyone more choices:

Leader from Within: Practice living from the inside out, rather than the outside in. Nourish self-acceptance, let go of limiting beliefs. Clarify your personal values, discover your life purpose – and allow these principles to always be your inner compass.

Leader from the Front: Practice generating connection and inspiration. Encourage courageous conversations, demonstrate transparency. Take a powerful stand for your vision, and sit down and encourage others to take the lead.

Leader from Behind: Practice generous, open-hearted service to others. Foster impeccability, find others right. Develop your ability to listen deeply. Acknowledge others authentically. Be a champion for other people.

Leader from Beside: Practice leaning in 100 percent. Design your alliances courageously. Focus on alignment rather than agreement. Use “Yes, And…”

Leader from the Field: Practice letting go of what is known and proven. Trust your natural intuition and instinct. Be aware of your impact. Act without needing to collect evidence. Speak the truth. Be available to be “danced by life” in the living moment.

The Co-Active Leadership model has been developed by the Coaches Training Institute. They have fantastic experiential learning programs that – if you fully commit to “life as a student/learner/explorer – are the best rocket fuel I have ever experienced for developing yourself personally and adding true power to your leadership impact.


Andy is also a talented exponent of the Meaningful Conversations model.
You can reach him through: 


Track your progress to ensure the efficacy of this strategy.