Meetings Survey Tool

Having installed the Inspirometer add-in across your community, there may be an hiatus while people get used to including feedback in their meetings, and responding to it. This delay can lead to a problem in baselining meeting performance as part of your initial statistics. To overcome this issue, Inspirometer has created the ability to survey meetings without feedback.
When the survey tool is switched on, meetings with feedback enabled are handled in the normal way, but meetings without feedback enabled set up a simple survey of the attendees at the end of the meeting. This survey appears on their dashboards in the outstanding feedback section, enabling them to rate their satisfaction with the value of the meeting with a single click.
As with normal outstanding feedback, meetings clear whenever they are rated, closed-out, or after a period of 3 days from the end of the meeting.
Unlike normal feedback, the data is not sent to the meeting organiser (or even associated with the meeting organiser) but is collated in a special survey account which tracks general meeting effectiveness of meetings without feedback. The data can only be accessed by the person who set up the survey account, and it has no comments (who would read them?) or reference to organisers or attendees. Despite this simplified approach, the survey tool does effectively calculate the value of the current meeting activity in the organisation.
The functionality needs to be enabled by Inspirometer (simply contact us) and requires an account to be set up at the top level of the organisation with an email address of the form survey*@*.* where the second and third asterisks are your email domain, and the first asterisk can be anything. This is referred to as the survey account.
The survey account is very sparse – it is more a means of conveniently gathering the response data than a functional account. Accessing the account will show mostly blank panels (for obvious reasons – it has no real owner and no calendar upload) but it does provide a general trend of average value on the dashboard and the meeting effectiveness pages, and a donut of value-add for the period on the meeting stats page. Data export does not work for this account.
This survey capability serves two main purposes: it provides a meetings effectiveness baseline; and it provides a means of comparing the effectiveness of meetings with and without feedback set up (sometimes, simply setting up feedback makes people more considered in how meetings are run).
While the survey tool is not intended to be anything more than a simple rough-cut of data, it can, in certain circumstances, differentiate between meeting value in different areas of the organisation (such as different divisions or geographies). This can be achieved by setting up separate survey accounts (with different survey*@*.* email addresses) at the top level of the different groups in your organisation. If you need this degree of granularity in your data, please contact us.
Of course, if you would rather have a lot more detail, and want the data to be available to the meeting organiser, the solution is simple – set-up meeting feedback. Then those who want feedback will get it, and those who don’t will at least have some collective data via the survey account.