FAQ and common meetings@inspirometer issues

Inspirometer is set-up to be quick, easy and intuitive. And fortunately it works straight out of ‘the box’ in 90% of situations.

But its initial simplicity, without lots of training and things you need to configure from the outset, means that it does not automatically and immediately cope with some of the more complex and varied set-ups and practices that people use for their meetings.

However, it can easily be made to do so, and with a few adjustments you can ensure it works every time. To understand these adjustments, we strongly recommend that you first apply Inspirometer within a few test-meetings with a few friends, and see how it works. This will quickly highlight if you have any issues, and you can use this page to identify simple changes which will ensure Inspirometer works for you without embarassment. Simply click on the question that relates to what you are seeing in your tests.


The above list reflects the most common issues that people encounter, but people’s ingenuity means that there will always be new ways to confuse the system. And, of course, the system itself is not blameless and it does have its off-days.

If you encounter a problem not described above, please go to our community support page, and type the issue into there. This will present you with a list of topics which it has selected in the hope of solving your issue immediately. But if none of these work for you, continue on to post your question, and a member of the community will respond with an answer – usually within two working days.