Meeting Effectiveness

Meetings are currently the biggest loss, and thereby the biggest opportunity, for white collar productivity. Between 10% and 25% of white collar time is lost through meeting ineffectiveness. People feel that they spend too much of their time in meetings.

This is partly because meetings are not particularly effective and efficient, and so they take longer, and we require more of them. And partly because that inefficiency can be boring and frustrating for people, and so the meetings seem longer.
At a time when practically every other business process has been made slick and efficient, meetings stand apart. The reason for this is that the process data which has been a vital component of improving all other business processes has not been available for meetings. Most organisations are unable to tell you even how much time their meetings consume, let alone how effective they are.
The Inspirometer was originally created to address this issue. In this section of the help pages you will find guidance and resources to automatically track your meeting statistics, to monitor their efficiency, and to establish an effective programme of improvement.