Measuring Service Quality

The Inspirometer is deliberately not a survey – we all know what we think about customer surveys.

But it is easy enough to give a smile for good service, or a frown for bad, right where and when that service is happening. That is what Inspirometer does. Furthermore, it does it at the inter-personal level, empowering each individual to take personal responsibility for the impact they are having, and the value they are giving, to each of their colleagues and customers.

And although on the surface of it, it looks like Inspirometers ask fewer questions than surveys, that is a misconception. They ask one question at a time, but they do it more often, in more places, of more people, at more relevant times and locations. Altogether they ask many more questions and get many more replies – but always at the time, and in the proportions, that the customer is pleased to answer.

And they feed the answer immediately back to the person best placed to do something about it. The result is much greater and more accurate feedback, and more fulfilling business relationships.

Furthermore, you are collating information from all the customer staff your customer would poll in order to respond to a survey, so you are developing a complete picture of how their organisation is thinking about you, well before they compile that picture themselves – which is very useful when problems arise.

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