Administering Your Team

Inspirometer empowers each individual to play their part in making meetings effective. Everybody gets their own data in real-time, and can take personal responsibility for understanding and improving it. This empowerment model is a key part of the Inspirometer philosophy, and it goes hand-in-hand with the need to take an objective perspective on the data.

However, that is still a lot of responsibility to take on. Especially when poor meeting performance may be entrenched in unhelpful policies or lack of appropriate skills development. It is therefore important that the data generated is also used to:

  • Highlight any systemic patterns in performance which may indicate a structural or systems issue that needs to be addressed by/for the business as a whole.
  • Identify where people may be struggling under the burden, and may benefit from some coaching or other support in improving their meetings.

To enable this, Inspirometer has the means to organise accounts in a way which reflects the structure of the organisation, and it provides perspectives over individual and group progress. This section of the help pages provides guidance on how to:

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How to administer your team

Setting up your team members

Supporting your team’s progress