Getting Started

Welcome to Inspirometer!

Getting started with Inspirometer is unbelievably easy – if you do not yet have Inspirometer in your organisation, simply set up our free trial using this link!

But if you already have the Inspirometer system, all you need to do is to contact your organiser to ensure they have set you up an account in the system, and then follow the steps below:

There are three simple steps to installing Inspirometer on your devices:

Install Inspirometer Calendar Add-In to gather Meeting Statistics

Inspirometer Password Reset enabling secure access to meeting metrics

Inspirometer App for meeting feedback and participation improving meeting effectiveness

Install the calendar add-in
(To gather meeting stats)

Log into your account
(To access your data securely)

Download the App
(To participate in feedback)

Please work through the steps below to ensure that you are fully set-up to participate in Meeting Effectiveness (each is supported by a 2 minute ‘how to’ video).
For most installations, you can be viewing your own meeting feedback in under 15 minutes.

The following sections show you how easy it is to use the Inspirometer system …