Inspirometer Outlook Add-in Support

These instructions relate to Outlook 2010 and later. For guidance on Outlook 2007 click here.

This article follows on from the article on how to install the Inspirometer addin for Outlook. If you have completed the installation process, you may find yourself in any one of a number of situations:

  • The vast majority of people will find that the addin has installed correctly, and they can see their data

But a few people may find that:

  • The installation process appeared to stall part way through
  • They cannot yet see their meeting data
  • Their meeting data does not reflect accurately their calendar
  • Their status indicators on their dashboard indicate a problem
  • They need to uninstall or upgrade the addin and they do not know how

If you find yourself with one of these issues, this document will help you take the right steps to ensure your add-in is working as you want it and delivering the meeting data you need. It is structured in the order of the bullets listed above, and lists out the potential issues you may have encountered and the simple steps required to address these.
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