T1: Gather baseline meeting stats

Set the tool to gather baseline meeting stats across the organisation


Proposed Approach:
  • Ensure the organisation is properly set up within Inspirometer,
    with all of the department structures in place
  • Ensure that everybody has an account within the structure so that their data is correctly assimilated into the overall data
  • Guidance on how to do this can be found in the help pages, or you can provide a formatted spreadsheet to Inspirometer and have them do this for you



Help Page Link: https://help.inspirometer.com/managing-your-team-structure/

Guidance on setting up org structure: T1_Providing Inspirometer with a formatted spreadsheet of your business.docx


Related Notes/Links:

The key thing here is to have all of the accounts set up in a way which enables the data to be drawn together into meaningful totals and subtotals. Ensuring people are set-up on the system before they use their account will help to ensure that all of the data is available, and in the right places.


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