T0: Configure tool for your Organisation

Configure the Inspirometer tool to work with your IT infrastructure


Proposed Approach: 

  • Find a group of bright positive people who will help you
    to check that everything will work as it is supposed to in your environment.
  • Once you have identified them, get them to install the Inspirometer tool and let Inspirometer’s support team know if there are any issues
  • There is a slide deck and some basic script available which can be adapted and modified to help engage them in this task
  • Follow-up with the Pathfinder group to ensure it all happens quickly



  1. Guidance on selection: T0_Recruiting a Pathfinder Group.docx
  2. Draft communication pack – Slide deck: T0_Meeting_Effectiveness_Pathfinder_Briefing.pptx
  3. Draft communication pack – Basic Script: T0_Meeting_Effectiveness_Pathfinder_Briefing.docx
  4. Tracking progress guide 1: T0_Tracking the progress of the Pathfinder Group.docx


Related notes/links

We recommend that you set the Pathfinder group up on the Beta version of the software, this means that they will be the first group to test any new developments before they hit the rest of the group, and can provide relevant feedback if necessary.