S2: Training & culture

Provide simple training on the technical and cultural aspects of feedback



Proposed Approach: 
  • Use the generic feedback training pack to develop some simple messages which can be cascaded down to people to avoid any misconceptions and alleviate concerns on the purpose of feedback
  • Use the management training pack to develop a short training module which can be deployed down to management on their role in ensuring feedback is used appropriately
  • Circulate relevant guidelines and reminders to people, and provide a means for them to flag up concerns if they believe the system is being misused
  • Build ownership for the difference they want to make through using the maturity model with them



Generic Feedback Training: S2_Providing_and_Receiving_Inspirometer_Feedback.docx

Coaching and culture pack: S2_Building_a_Feedback_Culture.docx

Explanation of the maturity model and how to use it: Clinic page and explanation of structure


Related Notes/Links

Feedback is often misunderstood, and this can act as a barrier to people getting the best out of the process. It is vitally important that such misunderstandings are addressed early on.


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