S1: Initial awareness & support

Provide initial awareness & support around installing the tool



Proposed Approach: 
  • Cascade a presentation on what will be happening and why. This should explain the steps that people will need to follow to install Inspirometer for themselves, and put their minds at ease over any concerns they may have
  • Ensure that the management are bought in to deploying and supporting this
  • Ensure that technical support is available if needed. This could be by means of a visible support kiosk in a prominent business area



Initial communication pack (Presentation): S1_Initial_Communication_Slide_Deck.pptx

Implementation page:  http://help.inspirometer.com/install

Guidance for tech. support:  http://help.inspirometer.com/it-briefing-page/


Related Notes/Links
Installing the tool is quick and easy, but there are often questions and concerns that can slow the progress down. Ensuring that these questions are addressed from the outset, and that management are fully on board, and answering these questions for their staff, can help ensure you stick to the planned schedule.