S0: Define implementation programme

Define the implementation programme; set dates & responsibilities


Proposed Approach: 

  • Download the implementation programme spreadsheet
  • Use the links in column F to gain a basic understanding of what is meant by each activity
  • Set the date for commencement of the programme in cell G6, and set your own milestone dates in column H based on the proposed target dates in column G
  • Identify somebody from IT tech support who will support your people in their implementation as and when they need it
  • Ensure each activity has a defined owner who will commit to managing it to a successful conclusion by the planned date



Implementation Programme Spreadsheet : S0_Inspirometer_Implementation_Planning_model_v2.xlsx

Inventory of useful documents to support implementation: S0_Inventory-of-key-documents-and-resources.docx (these documents are referenced within the various sections of the implementation overview).

Guidance for tech. support :  S0_IT Briefing Page.docx


Related notes/links 

The implementation of the Inspirometer Tool and the Meeting
Effectiveness programme are not onerous. However, there are a number of (small) steps to be completed and unless the programme is kept tight it is easy for timescales to drag out and to lose momentum. We recommend that you do all that is possible to stick to the 12 week programme outlined.


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