P2: Provide & view feedback

Utilise the opportunities to provide and review feedback from your meetings



Proposed Approach:
  • Ensure people are clear on the why and the how of feedback. This should be encouraged and managed through the management structure
  • A simple improvement guide can be disseminated to equip people with some simple safe steps to move forward
  • Consider whether further guidance and resources could help accelerate progress



Introductory script on why this is of benefit: P2_Why_what_is_in_it_for_me.docx

Setting feedback for your meetings: P2_Guidance_on_the_Outlook_Feedback_Settings.docx

Simple Improvement guide: P2_Simple_meetings_improvement_guide.docx

Guidance on issues of privacy and confidentiality: http://help.inspirometer.com/wp-content/uploads/P2_Guidance_on_Privacy_and_Confidentiality.docx


Related Notes/Links

It is vitally important to making progress that people understand the WHY of all of this with specific regard to their own situation and the benefits that management have defined  as part of the set-up phase.


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