P1: Watch video & install tool

Watch an introductory video & install the tool as shown


Proposed Approach:
  • Ensure everybody has the link to install Inspirometer to their Outlook and their mobile devices
  • Track their progress on the implementation using the Traffic Light system
  • This is also an opportunity to communicate the meeting basics that may form part of your wider Meeting Effectiveness strategy



Installation page and support videos: https://help.inspirometer.com/install/

Understanding your implementation progress using Traffic Lights:  P1_Understanding_your_progress_using_traffic_lights.docx

Basic Meeting Improvement: P1_Basic_Meeting_Improvement.docx

Implementation support page: https://help.inspirometer.com/implementation-support-activities/


Related Notes/Links

Although this step is very easy for people, the lack of a clear understanding of why people are doing it can still generate resistance and confusion.

This can be overcome by means of a clear explanation of ‘Why’ developed in section M0, ideally cascaded down through the management chain. You may also want to supplement this with something out of the Why script in section P2, or you can use either or both of the two videos on the main Inspirometer site: https://inspirometer.com/why-inspirometer/


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