M2: Provide coaching & encouragement

Monitor your team’s progress and provide coaching & encouragement



Proposed Approach: 
  • Use the User Stats data to understand where feedback is being used and reviewed effectively and where it is not
  • Work with the management structure to support those managers who seem to be struggling, and meet with them to understand the issues and develop strategies to address them
  • Where training is required on management skills such as coaching and problems solving, ensure this is arranged
  • Publicise good examples of management coaching and encouragement as models for others to gather tips and ideas from – and to recognise and reward good practice
  • A basic guide is available which can be circulated to support this



Copy of coaching and feedback pack from S2: S2_Building_a_Feedback_Culture.docx

Guide to problem solving meeting performance: M2_Problem Solving Meeting Effectiveness.docx


Related Notes/Links

The essence of successful meeting effectiveness is to retain ownership of it with the people who run meetings. This requires that management adopt a facilitative approach to supporting progress.


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