M1: Track progress of implementation

Track the progress of implementation through your team


Proposed Approach:
  • Ensure management understand how they can manage progress
    of their people (and their own management teams) in implementing Inspirometer themselves
  • Schedule review points with them to track progress and follow-up on any issues that may arise
  • Work with them to ensure that they are getting clean and complete data
  • Be available to resolve any confusion or misunderstandings
  • There is guidance available which can be disseminated to management



Management guidance on tracking progress: M1_Tracking_progress_with_traffic_lights.docx

Guidance on ensuring clean data: M1_Review_data_to_ensure_its_accuracy.docx


Related Notes/Links

Everybody is busy. The traffic light status indicators make it quick and easy for management to monitor progress, and help their staff where their own ‘busy-ness’ is undermining progress.