M0: Develop buy-in & target benefits

Develop buy-in to the programme & define the benefits to be achieved


Proposed Approach: 

  • Present the slide deck to engage management in seeing the potential for meeting effectiveness such that they take ownership for driving it forward through their people
  • Use the benefits template to connect Meeting Effectiveness to their current business priorities and to set targets which ensure it remains toward the top of their priority list
  • Explain their role in supporting their people during the implementation and provide them the guidance and links which will help them to do that effectively



Inspirometer mgt awareness slide deck: M0_Management Briefing Slide Deck.pptx

Draft benefit areas (Benefits Template): M0_Benefits Template.pptx

Management of Implementation (slides): M0_Management Role Slide Deck

Management of Implementation 1 (guidance & links): M0_Initial Management Guidance and Links.docx

Engaging management from the outset: http://help.inspirometer.com/implementation-roadmap/develop-management-buy-in/


Related notes/links 

Management engagement is essential in ensuring a successful implementation. Use these resources to: win them over to its benefits; equip them to use it effectively; and enable them to manage the progress of their staff.


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