Implementing Meeting Effectiveness

Implementation Roadmap phased improvement for Meeting EffectivenessImplementation Roadmap


The Implementation Roadmap is a framework to guide organisations in their successful implementation of Meeting Effectiveness.

It outlines four phases of implementation: Set-up; Awareness; Insight and Inspiration, and it proposes what different parts of your organisation need to achieve within each phase.

Click on the headings below to understand more about each phase and access more detailed guidance and resources to help you progress each phase successfully.

The goal is for implementation to take no longer than 12 weeks from the kick-off through to everyone actively using Inspirometer to improve meeting Effectiveness and beginning to see results.

The implementation spreadsheet is a resource which helps teams to plan out those 12 weeks: how all of this is going to happen; when it is going to happen; and who is responsible for making it happen. It also provides links to the resources outlined in each of the phases above. These resources are intended to make implementation as easy as possible, and to enable people to quickly develop what they need without having to reinvent it.