Overcoming Tag Copy/Paste Issues

What are the most common problems and how do you fix them?

For most people, in most situations, copying and pasting Tags direct from the download page works well. However, it can be dangerous to allow web-pages free rein to change the contents of your clipboard buffer, and so (rightly) some security settings and some browsers prevent this or disrupt it in some way.

Furthermore, different programmes have different ways of handling images and hyperlinks, and so pasting sets of hyperlinked images can sometime produce unexpected results. This can also be influenced by the sheer range of operating systems and platforms that now exist for email and web pages.


We have found ways around many of the issues for most users, but we know that from time to time, people will hit obstacles in copying and pasting their Tags exactly as they wish. This page is intended to share the most likely issues you will encounter, and provide basic advice on overcoming them.

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