Download/Use Tags

Once you have created and configured a Tag, you’ll want to use it somewhere! There are many ways you can use an Inspirometer Tag – you can add them to your emails, your website, physical documents, digital documents, beer mats, the wall of your building…


In this section we’ll go over how to actually get your tags, and how to put them into your work.  Alternatively, click here to download our guide: ‘Downloading and using Tags

Tags come in two basic types – the digital type (for clicking on)  and the real-world type (for scanning). You can download tags of whichever kind you like!

First of all, you’ll need to choose which Tag you want to download (you may have multiple Tags in your list). Go to ‘List Tags’ to display all of the tags that are associated with your account. Pick the Tag you want by finding it’s name in the ‘Title’ column, and then click the the green ‘download’ symbol beside your Tag.

This is your Tag Download page.  From here, you can download your Tag in whichever forms you require.

Find out how to get and use each of the Tag types in the following sections.

Click a heading below to show/hide relevant help.                                               PDFs are also available. 

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