Refining your calendar data

Refining calendar data using Inspirometer Add-In and Outlook for accurate meeting productivity metricsThe Inspirometer add-in for Outlook gathers data directly from your calendar within minutes of being installed in Outlook, according to our data privacy policy.

However, it has limitations, and it has to interpret what it cannot know from those things that it can. In this regard, it is forced to make a number of assumptions:

  • It assumes that any event in your calendar to which you have been invited, or to which you invited people, is a meeting (Outlook also defines such events as meetings).
  • It assumes that you only attended those meetings which you organised and accepted, and not those that you declined or cancelled.
  • It assumes that any event to which there are no invitations is not a meeting, and ignores all such ‘appointments’ with the exception of those that have a subject beginning with the word travel.

However, since your calendar has not been used in this way previously, it may be that you have adopted certain practices or conveniences which mean that your data does not always reflect the conventions defined above. In this case, your meeting stats are likely to be in error, and your calendar will need to be adjusted to enable your add-in to collect the right data.

If your data appears inaccurate, read the questions below to see which correspond to your situation, and then follow the steps to resolve this issue.