Learning from Assessment

Two facts about the majority of meetings are: They fall a long way short of being fully effective; and The organiser will be largely oblivious … Read more

Managing Arrival

Arrival is all about getting the right people at the right time with the right attitudes and expectations.The ideal is that people arrive fully prepared … Read more

Committing to Action

The product of an effective meeting leaves the room in the changed attitudes, understanding and intentions of its attendees. And pursuing these intentions serves to … Read more

Engaging Attention

The product of your meeting leaves the (virtual or physical) room in the understanding, attitudes and intentions of its attendees.This means that, for your meeting … Read more

Inspiring Activity

Most meetings consist of listening to presentations and discussions held around a table – which is a process that has remained largely unaltered for at … Read more

Building Alignment

While conflict within a meeting can be creative and productive, it can also be wasteful and damaging.It all depends on what the conflict is about.  … Read more


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