Charter | Code of practice

Inspirometer makes a number of undertakings in respect of the data it holds on behalf of others (you will be glad to hear). A number of these undertakings are legal requirements in compliance with laws concerning privacy and security of information.

Where a request is made for management permissions which will enable an individual to see the Inspirometer results of other people, we need to confirm that this will not create any undue risks for the individuals concerned and their data. We therefore require those seeking permissions to confirm their adoption of a charter in respect of other individuals’ Inspirometer feedback data* and its use. (*Feedback data refers to any data provided through individual use of feedback tags, but does not include usage statistics.)

The charter reads as follows:

I will:

  • Respect the confidentiality of all individuals’ feedback data
  • Seek to use feedback data to help individual or collective improvement
  • Be sensitive and supportive in my use of feedback data
  • Ensure secure passwords to prevent unauthorised access to feedback data
  • Delete and destroy all feedback data records if my situation changes

I will not:

  • Use feedback data to coerce any behaviour beyond that which is willingly given
  • Use feedback data except to coach and support improvement activities
  • Present feedback data to third parties in a way that individuals can be identified
  • Do anything that risks creating the impression that confidentiality is compromised
  • Hold or transport feedback data on unsecured devices