Capturing meeting feedback

Enable meeting feedback by including in the invitation list for your meetingMeeting feedback is enabled primarily through the Inspirometer App. Feedback via the App can be configured in a number of ways both for the host of the meeting, and for those participating in the meeting. Meeting feedback is enabled simply by including in the invitation list for the meeting.
For new meetings, this can be done by ensuring you include when you add the other invitees (the Outlook Add-in will do this for you automatically).
For existing meetings within a Outlook Exchange Server set-up, simply right-click and forward them directly to (see 3 simple steps) – please only do this for your own meetings, or with the permission of the meeting organiser.
If you are using a different calendar system (including stand-alone Outlook) you will need to edit the meeting to include in the attendees, and then update the invite to everyone (so that Inspirometer has all the relevant email addresses to poll at the end of the meeting).
This sets a number of processes in motion, depending on how the meeting invite was configured (see FAQ and common issues) and also depending on the settings that have been requested for the Compiler to which the account is connected.
Successfully setting up a meeting for feedback using will result in a confirmatory email being sent to the host. This email confirms the details of the meeting and that feedback has been set up. It also includes additional links which can be used (if desired) to supplement the links which will be sent out automatically around the meeting. In most cases, there is little need for these additional links and most people ignore them. However, they can prove useful for large scale events and capturing feedback on documents used in and around the meeting.
The types of feedback initiated by, and how it is configured, is described below. Click on the various headings to understand more. But, whatever you do, try it out with a few friends first to avoid any unfortunate surprises.