The product of your meeting leaves the (virtual or physical) room in the understanding, attitudes and intentions of its attendees.

This means that, for your meeting to add value, such understanding, attitudes and/or intentions need to change. Read More


Listening with an open mind, and an open heart, is key to making efficient shifts in attitudes and intentions.

But listening is often the first casualty of a ‘shift to the red side’ as described above. What may appear to be ‘listening’ may be more accurately described as simply ‘reloading and waiting to take your next shot’. Read More


Leadership is key to creating an environment in which real listening can take place, and in helping to resolve the issues described above.

Key to this is ensuring that each point gets fully heard (once) and that everybody accepts that it has been heard.Read More

Strategic Improvement

Use the model below to develop a vision for how you want your meetings to be different going forward, and then research the resources above to develop a coherent plan for how you plan to bring about improvement.

For a selection of resources which support ‘attention’, please go to: