Arrival is all about getting the right people at the right time with the right attitudes and expectations.

The ideal is that people arrive fully prepared and ready to proceed in an environment which is fully suited to the task ahead. Read More


Physical and virtual facilities alike can have a big impact on ‘arrival’.

Easy access, clear directions, ease of use and familiarity can all serve to put people at ease and create an appropriate sense of expectation. Text, imagery, lighting, sounds, layout and welcome all serve to send out conscious and subconscious messages which impact people’s initial attitude. Read More


Paradoxically, one of the most productive things you can plan for the start of a meeting is to ‘do nothing’ – just for a few minutes.

People often arrive at meetings with a lot of other things going on in their heads as they process all of the other demands upon them: problems; deadlines; emerging concerns, etc. – in other words, they may be in the meeting physically (or virtually), but their minds and emotions are all over the place. Read More

Strategic Improvement

Use the model below to develop a vision for how you want your meetings to be different going forward, and then research the resources above to develop a coherent plan for how you plan to bring about improvement.

For other resources which support ‘arrival’, please go to: