Download the Inspirometer App

Welcome to effortless meeting feedback.

Feedback is key to improving any process. The Inspirometer App makes feedback on meetings easy, quick, anonymous and fun. The benefit is fewer, shorter, better meetings; greater enthusiasm and faster progress.
To load the App on your own mobile device, simply click on the logo below to go to the relevant store, and then select to install it.

The App provides easy access to give and receive feedback for all participants in a meeting.


Once you have installed your App, it will ask you to register your email address (and set a password for security) and Inspirometer will automatically synchronise your App to any meetings which have been set-up for feedback. Once installed, feedback is as simple as opening the app and clicking on the faces.

The App is part of a trio of mechanisms which enable its users to:
  • track the time spent in different types of meetings;
  • measure the overall effectiveness of those meetings;
  • and select appropriate strategies to improve them.
To understand the other two mechanisms, click on the headings below: