Analysing Your Results

Inspirometer provides a picture of what you are putting into your meetings, and what you are achieving through them. Both are accessed through the Analysis section in the left-hand menu. You can also gather a picture of what is going on from the graph on the dashboard.
The first, ‘what you are putting into your meetings’ is presented through the page on Meeting Stats which collates all of the data uploaded from your calendar and presents it in a way which enables you to see how much time you are spending in different types of meetings, the characteristics of those meetings, and the overall value-add they create.
The second, ‘what you are achieving through your meetings’ is reflected in the page on Meeting Effectiveness, which collates all of the data returned via the App and enables you to see trends and patterns in that over time, by type of meeting, and by individual meeting.
More detail on each of these can be found by clicking the links, or by following the menu beneath this level.
This section concerns itself with individual feedback. To see patterns and trends across groups and teams, please visit the help pages under ‘Administering Your Team’.