Analysing Responses

menu analysisThe first port of call for assessing your data is the Dashboard, where you can view the trends across your data on the Dial or a customisable graph.

In reviewing your results, it is vitally important to recognise that they do not in any way ‘evaluate you’. They are simply a measure of how the outcomes of your interactions were perceived and received by others. For further explanation of this, take a look at the section on ‘how to interpret your results‘.

Where you wish to drill down below the overall picture, into the individual responses themselves, you can visit the ‘Analysis‘ section of the menu.

On the ‘Response Analysis’ page you can view a list of all your responses and the details associated with them. If you want to view or manipulate your raw data yourself, we provide a Data Export function that allows you to download a CSV file containing your data which you can open in software like Excel.


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