While conflict within a meeting can be creative and productive, it can also be wasteful and damaging.

It all depends on what the conflict is about. Read More


Agreeing from the outset what a meeting is for is key to maximising the productivity of the thinking and discussion within it.

People recognise that a lot of wasted time takes place within meetings, but without a clear purpose it is difficult for them to agree on which activities are generating that waste. Read More


Meetings efficiency is all about how well meetings utilise time and people to achieve their goals and deliver value to the organisation.

The factors which affect meeting efficiency are varied, but often reflect the quality of a balance between good disciplines and enthusiastic participation. Read More

Strategic Improvement

Use the model below to develop a vision for how you want your meetings to be different going forward, and then research the resources above to develop a coherent plan for how you plan to bring about improvement.

For other resources which support ‘alignment’, please go to: