Most meetings consist of listening to presentations and discussions held around a table – which is a process that has remained largely unaltered for at least 2000 years.

However, the current rate of change in the business environment means that we need to better engage our people within meetings, and there are far better means available for doing this. Read More



The Meetings Clinic lists almost 30 tools for use within meetings (both physical and virtual), and hundreds more exist.

Yet such tools are largely overlooked in many meetings simply because the question “What is the best approach to do this?” is not asked – the paradigm of presentation and debate is not challenged. Read More



Innovation is the competitive lifeblood of any business.

Anything we do has potential for some little advantage somewhere – and success can be the aggregation of all those little advantages (or perhaps one great big one).

But where does the innovation come from? Read More


Strategic Improvement

Use the model below to develop a vision for how you want your meetings to be different going forward, and then research the resources above to develop a coherent plan for how you plan to bring about improvement.

Or for other resources which support ‘activity’, please go to: