About Inspirometer

Inspirometer is a new tool for obtaining spontaneous feedback from colleagues and customers.

It is easy to use (one click)  but it has huge potential for your business relationships.

What is an Inspirometer?

Whenever you want to understand how your work impacts people, create a tag and attach it to your material. For meetings, you can do this automatically by inviting meetings@inspirometer.com as an ‘attendee’. For other services, such as reports, facilities, etc. you can create your own personal bespoke Tag and attach it in seconds.

Tags can take the form of meeting links, visual QRcodes for physical items, hyperlinked Tags for digital interactions like emails, or widgets for web-pages and on-line documents. They are easily to adapted to your needs.

Everybody who interacts with you or your work can now instantly and effortlessly provide feedback on their experience.

Inspirometer collects this feedback in real-time, and immediately updates your Dashboard and statistics.

There are many ways to visualize the feedback and gain new insights from it. Your Inspirometer account will guide you in ensuring more effective relationships, and thereby help you to better achieve your goals.


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