Inspirometer Meetings Tool – Installation guides

The meetings tool is an add-in which works in the background of Outlook to gather meeting data from your calendar and present an analysis back to you.

All versions of Outlook from Outlook 2007 enable the full functionality of the add-in. To understand which version of Outlook you are using, please take a look at the Microsoft guidance on this. Then please select the installation guide you need below. Each installation guide has a link to the correct version of the add-in. Please follow the guidance carefully.

Installation guide for Outlook 2010 and later

Installation guide for Outlook 2007

If you are feeling lucky, talented, or if someone is helping you through this, you may prefer the following shortcut …

  1. Close everything down except this webpage (restart your machine if you have time)
  2. Select and run the correct installer for your Organisation and follow the instructions
  3. Open Outlook, and let things settle down before you do anything else – and wait for an Inspirometer email (It sometimes helps to close and reopen Outlook a second time – even if you have the email)
  4. If you can see the Inspirometer buttons and they work, that is it done
  5. If the buttons aren’t there, or they don’t work, you may need to do some basic troubleshooting